A Molarccino please barista!


Apparently drinking strong black coffee can help keep your teeth clean and strong. There are chemicals in coffee,called polyphenols, that attack  the biofilm bacteria that causes tooth decay. Obviously having milk and sugar in your coffee would negate that effect. I understand that this has all been scientifically proven. I would like to add my ‘research’ to those scientific studies. I had to have quite a few fillings in my teeth when I was younger. I haven’t had a filling for many years and before you ask I don’t have false teeth…..yet! I never drank coffee as a child, in fact I probably didn’t start drinking a lot of coffee until I was in my twenties. I get through up to six large black Americanos a day now. So is that why my teeth are so healthy? Maybe it is, but it is probably the reason I am so wired and don’t need much sleep! You can’t win them all can you? Maybe Dentists should replace those minty mouthwashes with a coffee flavoured version though.


octopuses, octopi, or octopodes – this is a stick up……. or is it!


Have you ever wondered why the Octopus never gets itself all tangled and stuck together? It’s something that has bothered me for most of my life. Actually it’s never bothered me, I just added that last line for dramatic effect. Anyway the reason is that one of the few things that the suckers on an Octopus tentacle don’t stick to is Octopus skin! Is it the same for a squid? Does anyone know? Does anyone care? Anyway to read the story about how sticky a tentacle sucker is click here. The whole experiment comes across as a little gory as it reveals that amputated tentacles can survive for up to an hour after being cut off! That’s like the undersea equivalent of the headless chicken isn’t it?



We’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of dog!


Did you know that the actors who played the Munchkins in the classic 1939 film ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ were paid less than the dog that played Toto? Actually there was probably more than one dog playing Toto I suspect. The Munchkins should have got the wicked witch to run their Trade Union and use her flying monkeys as flying pickets! Or maybe they should have just fitted Toto with concrete shoes and leave him to swim with the fishes. OK animal lovers I was only joking!


By the way if you’re wondering why Toto has a bigger picture in this post, it’s because he paid me more than the Munchkins!

This is the longest game of hide the sausage I have ever played!


There is a small shrew-like animal from Australia called the Antechinus. These little animals probably have one of the best sex lives in the animal kingdom. The male Antechinus has so much sex that they disintegrate and die from exhaustion. Sometimes a single session can last for twelve hours! Are you listening Mr Tantric Sex a.k.a Sting? Surely you have to feel sorry for the lady Antechinus as well don’t you? They need to learn how to develop a headache!



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It’s not easy being beige

Kermit the frog

Kermit the Frog is now around 60 years old. He is famous for liking a bit of bacon and for saying that it isn’t easy being green. But did you know that in his first incarnation he was beige? That original beige version was made from Muppet creator Jim Henson’s mothers coat. I can only assume that it was an old coat!


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My dog has no nose…..


…how does he smell? Terrible! Those old jokes are somewhat crap aren’t they? Anyway  noses and smelling is something I learned about a few weeks ago whilst on a night out in Leeds with my great mate John Williams. yes we had a scintillating conversation about the inability to smell. We are so hardcore! Anyway if you are unable to use your sense of smell it is a recognised condition known as Anosmia. The only time that would be any good for me would be when a particularly ripe fart occurs when I am in the car on my own. The sort that requires you to open a window whatever the weather. does anyone reading this suffer from Anosmia?



Loud sperm has a whale of a time!

sperm-whaleDo you have any idea what is the loudest animal in the world? It’s that spunky fella the Sperm Whale. It communicates using clicking sounds which it makes by using its phonic lips. The noise can reach levels of up to 236 decibels. Click here to learn more about the Sperm Whale. Their sound is around 100 decibels more than the rock bands who have been recorded and measured as the loudest. That list includes Manowar, the Who, Foo Fighters, Leftfield, Motorhead and AC/ DC among many others. Incidentally if you like music you might wish to check out one of my other blogs. It is a music blog called With Just A Hint Of Mayhem, click here to find it! Apologies for that shameless plug!

atl-bottlenose-dolphin-mainIncidentally most of the top 5 loudest animals are also aquatic; 2 -Bottlenose Dolphin (220 dB), 3 – Snapping Shrimp (200 dB), 4 – Blue Whale (188 dB) and finally at number 5 representing land dwellers it’s the Howler Monkey (140 dB).


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