Loud sperm has a whale of a time!

sperm-whaleDo you have any idea what is the loudest animal in the world? It’s that spunky fella the Sperm Whale. It communicates using clicking sounds which it makes by using its phonic lips. The noise can reach levels of up to 236 decibels. Click here to learn more about the Sperm Whale. Their sound is around 100 decibels more than the rock bands who have been recorded and measured as the loudest. That list includes Manowar, the Who, Foo Fighters, Leftfield, Motorhead and AC/ DC among many others. Incidentally if you like music you might wish to check out one of my other blogs. It is a music blog called With Just A Hint Of Mayhem, click here to find it! Apologies for that shameless plug!

atl-bottlenose-dolphin-mainIncidentally most of the top 5 loudest animals are also aquatic; 2 -Bottlenose Dolphin (220 dB), 3 – Snapping Shrimp (200 dB), 4 – Blue Whale (188 dB) and finally at number 5 representing land dwellers it’s the Howler Monkey (140 dB).


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Have you ever tickled the pink?

extreme-human-tickling-3679-1240075073-78I had never appreciated that anyone could be sexually aroused through tickling. I doubt that I’ll ever understand that! But the fact is there is even a word to describe it and that word is knismolagnia! I’m sure that some of you are tickled pink by this and others may be torn between tickling the pink or the brown (to paraphrase an old snooker related double entendre)


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There is a reason banker rhymes with wanker!

tumblr_lyokr2TOA81qmzfm7I have heard it said that if we stop paying massive bonuses to bankers in the UK they will all leave and work abroad. Firstly I couldn’t give a stuff if they do leave and secondly I think we’ve been duped. Apparently there are nearly 2,500 millionaire bankers in the UK and less than 200 in France and in Germany. It sounds to me like they’re all coming to the UK. So let me finish by saying FUCK OFF YOU BANKERS!


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You will feel just a little prick!

bird-flea-penis--ceratophyllus-farrieni--80019294c-lThe male flea is possibly aware of tantric sex, well he certainly needs a lot of time to prepare anyway. Apparently it takes him up to eight hours to unfold all the parts of his penis. I wonder if that time counts as foreplay or just a tantric wank?

Flea unfolding his penis!

Flea unfolding his penis!

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Buzz off stripey!

funny-wasp-scary-bigI have never liked wasps and indeed I have never thought that they had any value or purpose. But in fact they are remarkably useful. For almost every insect that we think of as a real pest there is a wasp that has evolved to keep it under control. This can be just by eating their prey or laying eggs in the bodies of their insect prey in a parasitical way. I feel moderately better about wasps now, but I’ll still never like them!


Now this is a wasp I think that I could deal with!

Now this is a wasp I think that I could deal with!

Say no more, say no more……….. ALBATROSS!!!


With all the news in the press about the forthcoming Monty Python reunion I thought that it would be appropriate to do a post about the Pythons. I’m sure that any fan of Monty Python’s Flying Circus will be very familiar with the classic catch phrase from the show; “And now for something completely different“. However did you know that the phrase was coined by 60s Blue peter presenter Christopher Trace and later taken up by the Python team?


The Long And Winding Name


 Janice “Lokelani” Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele recently won a battle to have her full name put on her driver’s licence. Her name has 35 letters and 19 syllables and would not fit on the documentation. So can we assume that she now has a bigger licence than anyone else?


What if Janice Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele drove to this place?