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What the Romans did for us really makes me sick

I suppose this nifty piece of information that I learnt today is more a correction of a misconception that not only me, but many others have as well. When you hear the word Vomitorium what do you think of? Somewhere the Romans used to go to throw-up/ up-chunks/ huey/call on the big white porcelain telephone/ vomit (delete as appropriate)? Well you’re wrong, apparently this is a very common mistake.

This is apparently some artwork found in an ancient vomitorium in France. Looks more like a cock-up to me!

The word actually describes a tunnel or exit built to allow crowds to exit from a theatre in quite a speedy way. To vomit out I suppose. As for are there any diced carrots in a vomitorium, well I’ll leave you to check that out. I used to work for a now defunct rail provider in the north of the UK and we amusingly referred to the works canteen as the vomitorium or the vom.

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