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Do we have a score to nettle with the Romans?

I believe the question that gets asked quite a lot in Britain and possibly Europe too is “what have the Romans ever done for us?” The answer obviously is many, many things; straight roads, under floor heating, toga parties, the list goes on.

But did you know that they were also responsible for importing Stinging Nettles onto our little island nation? Apparently the Roman Legionnaires used to rub their arthritic joints with nettles in order to relive the pain. Incidentally I think that means bodily joints; knees, elbows etc and not rolling a nettle spliff!

Now for me this begs the question how lacking in iron and vitamins and undernourished were our ancestors the Ancient Britons that they allowed legions of arthritis sufferers to overrun and occupy our country hundreds of years? Maybe the Scots had sussed that the Romans Achilles Heel (mixing Roman and Greek there…..sorry) was their arthritis and that is why Hadrian built his famous wall.

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