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Knock, Knock. Who’s There? Boo…………

Boo Who?

Don’t cry it’s not that scary!

Apologies for starting this (late) Halloweenish post with such a bad joke but I couldn’t resist.

Apparently there are now more than 2,000 commercial Haunted Houses across the US. It is a trend that started as charity events in the early 1970s. Many of them aren’t actually houses. They are simply old warehouses or barns that use room props and actors to scare paying visitors. At some attractions the scariest or most unnerving part is being in a pitch dark room near the end of your scare experience. Read the report on the BBC by clicking here.

For those of you that have an intense fear of the night or darkness, did you know that condition has a name? It is called nyctophobia!

And finally, remember when the kids knock on your door and shout “trick or treat” simply reply “thank you, I’ll have a treat please” You might not get any treats but it sure will confuse the costumed small people!

Happy Halloween and here are some good reasons why Halloween is better than sex 🙂

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I've been on the planet for a more than half a century and I've lost all my hair but not my enthusiasm for life, my wife, reading and music! I started my first blog; With Just A Hint Of Mayhem in February 2009. In May 2011 I began two sister blogs to that first one; With Just A Hint Of Amelia and With Just A Hint Of Learning. A while later I also added the more random Stars In My Glasses to the family :-) Feel free to check them all out and let me know what you think!

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