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Kim Jong-il? No Kim Jong-Dead!

The death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has filled the newspapers for the past couple of days, including some rather interesting trivia. My favourite is that a regime controlled official website declared that Kim Jong-il never defecated or urinated. sadly that claim was later removed. Is that because he was full of shit or just taking the piss? I love the fact that his youngest son, who is most likely to succeed him has a name that sounds like young ‘un when said with a Yorkshire accent. His name is Kim Jong-un.

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I've been on the planet for a more than half a century and I've lost all my hair but not my enthusiasm for life, my wife, reading and music! I started my first blog; With Just A Hint Of Mayhem in February 2009. In May 2011 I began two sister blogs to that first one; With Just A Hint Of Amelia and With Just A Hint Of Learning. A while later I also added the more random Stars In My Glasses to the family :-) Feel free to check them all out and let me know what you think!

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