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Click the Like button for your favourite politician or just vote for Facebook?

According to a brief story in the Guardian yesterday it seems that there may be many more UK 18 year olds on Facebook than are registered to vote. This information comes from some work the Electoral Commission has done about young voters. The Commission instigated a campaign on Facebook last year to encourage young voters.

According to the figures 520,000 people became 18 in 2011. At the same time there are an estimated 1,050,000 UK Facebook users who are 18. This of course could be for a number of reasons in my opinion;

  1. Facebook numbers may be over estimated
  2. Many young people may not wish to join the 47.5 million registered voters until an election is looming. How many of you did everything as soon as it was legal? Well ok I know with sex, drugs, booze and stuff you probably did it early, but I’m talking about stuff with slightly less of a thrill
  3. Maybe our education system is so bad that many of those turning 18 can’t count or don’t understand what voting is. After all there are far too many people who post their Facebook status as something really, really exciting like ‘I’ve just bought new shoelaces’ or ‘Whatever innit’
  4. Of course many of those who are registered as 18 on Facebook may be lying about their age. That would be a perfect paedo ploy wouldn’t it?

So tell me why you think there might be such a disparity between 18-year-old register voters and 18-year-old Facebook users in the UK.

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