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A fish with cojones……… someone elses cojones!

Now I knew that carnivorous fish existed; when growing up the Piranha was always portrayed as a tiny monster in books and films. More recently we have seen foot pedicures carried out by fish that remove the hard skin from your feet. But until now I had never heard of the Pacu Fish which is known to have recently castrated two men by biting off their testicles. The resulting blood loss caused their deaths.

The fish originate from the Amazon region where they need their strong sharp teeth to break open the tough shells of nuts and seeds. They have been introduced to Papua New Guinea and have now had to resort to meat-eating owing to a lack of their usual diet. Although clearly they still have a taste for nuts of a different type.

Is it just me or do these look like human teeth?

read about what many call the Ball Cutter by clicking here.

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