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Apostrophe Anastrophe Epistrophe Catastrophe?

It was announced in the press this week that book chain Waterstone’s is getting rid of its apostrophe and will become Waterstones. Quite a subtle difference that isn’t it? (Click here to read the story on the Daily Telegraph site).

I'm sure that Mr Zappa would have had some strong words for Waterstone's/ Waterstones

But that is not what I learnt today. What I learnt is that there is an Apostrophe Protection Society; can you believe that? I have so far used an apostrophe twice in this post, I hope I used them correctly as I will be linking the post to the Apostrophe Protection Society. What happens if I misused any, will the apostrophe police come searching for me? What other punctuation would you like to see protected? Personally I love the exclamation mark!!!!!!!!!

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