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Pleased to Mitt you I hope you get my name

I have followed some of the US Republican candidate nomination progress with some interest. The potential nominees seem to be the most motley bunch I have ever seen. Many of them are creationists and do not believe in global warning. So I guess that means we could have an US President that doesn’t believe in science. How scary is that? Another thing that I found really frightening was that an US voter was interviewed about one candidate, Mitt Romney. The interviewee said something like “I don’t care much for Mitt, but I guess if he’s our guy I’ll have to vote for him” There is such a thing as free choice buddy!

Anyway that preamble may be moderately interesting but what concerns me is how do you end up with a name like Mitt? According to Wikipedia his actual name is Willard Mitt Romney. It says that he was named after his father’s best friend, hotel owner J Willard Marriott and his Dad’s cousin Milton “Mitt” Romney. So does that mean Mitt is a derivation of Milton? Personally I thought it might be a shortened version of Mitchell. Can anyone tell me categorically where it comes from?

I did have a similar question about Newt Gingrich, but that appears to be a simple shortening of the name Newton. But imagine a President Newt or a President Mitt; it sounds so wrong to me. What do you think?

President Bachman? Not a sausage in hells chance surely!

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