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McElizabeth Regina and Phil the Hamburglar

Royal banquets have been around for hundreds of years and it is clear that there have been some strange customs. One of those happened during the reign of Queen Victoria who was allegedly a very fast eater. Apparently no one was served their meal before the Queen and as soon as she had finished all the plates were cleared in preparation for the next course. This meant that if you were the last person served often you wouldn’t get a chance to eat anything before your plate was taken away. Click here to read more about royal banquets.

Banquets hosted by the current monarch, Queen Elizabeth use 1,104 (six for each guest) George IV’s 4,000-piece Grand Service and it takes eight people three weeks to clean the service. You’d think that with all the money the Royal Family has amassed over the years that they would be able to afford a few non-human dishwashers wouldn’t you? Or maybe have the Royal Corgis lick the service clean. Alternatively and linking into the theme from my earlier post; the Queen owns a McDonald’s near Buckingham Palace as part of her enormous real estate portfolio. So maybe the next banquet should consist of Happy Meals (and the latest movie sponsored toy) for all guests. I can picture it now, all the leaders of the Commonwealth countries walking out of Buckingham Palace wearing their Mickey Mouse ears and firing their little plastic Spiderman web shooters at each other.

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