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Hienz Fartler!

Hands up if you just farted

It appears that none other than Adolf Hitler’s medical records are up for auction at a Connecticut auction house. He supposedly snorted cocaine for a sinus problem (I suppose it could clear your sinuses but remove your septum) and took up to 28 drugs in one hit. Surely that is more than the joint drug ingestion of Pete Doherty, Ozzy Osbourne, Amy Winehouse and Elvis Presley!

Adolf also injected bull testicle extracts to increase his libido. Surely that must be bollocks mustn’t it? But the best revelation of Mr Hitler’s medical records is that he had a serious problem with flatulence and farted uncontrollably. Maybe that was a secret gas weapon he was developing?

It looks like he had a bladder problem too

Did any other despots and dictators have a fart problem or any kind of embarrassing health issues? I’d love to know.

There you have it, proof that Hitler was developing a poison gas weapon of ass destruction!

Now let us enjoy a couple of Hitler fart videos. Fart jokes are always funny aren’t they?

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