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It’s all a load of baubles and baubles to it all!


Aren’t scientists clever and don’t they contribute amazing and life changing things to the way we live? well the answer is generally yes and yes. However scientists, or boffins as the tabloid press call them, at Sheffield University have just completed a complex mathematical study for us. It’s nothing to with prolonging life or saving the planet nor is it the answer to life, the universe and everything. We know the answer to the latter is 42 anyway. No what these intellectual super brains have done is to offer a mathematical calculation for how many baubles to put on your Christmas tree.


How wonderful is that? Doesn’t your life feel so much more enriched? Our Christmas tree this year is likely to be around 6ft, so call it 180 centimetres and that means we will need 37 baubles, 565cm of lights, 91cm of tinsel and of course 1 angel or fairy. I wonder if the angel remains constant or whether you need half an angel for a 90cm tree? Which half would you choose? Apparently this mathematical model is being used by Debenhams in all their stores this Christmas. Of course if you can bring yourself to read the story in the scummy UK tabloid – The Sun then click here.

Is that his baubles I can see?

Is that his baubles I can see?

If Christmas wasn’t stressful at the best of times I’m now worried about whether our tree will have the optimum number of decorations or whether it will be somewhat over baubled! i would be interested to hear you views and in case I don’t post on this blog again this year have yourself a very happy, yet optimum, Chrimbo!



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