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Pope Elopes………….. on a horse!


Don’t worry the Pope hasn’t eloped, but wouldn’t that make a great headline? I think it would, but I must confess it has nothing to do with this post at all. It is simply a great headline that will never be.


In fact I’m bored with all the hullabaloo around the election of a new Pope; are you? OK so if I’m bored why am I typing this? Well there has been an interesting little fact that has arisen as Pope Francis, an Argentinian, is the first non-European Pope for more than 1,000 years. The last Supreme Pontiff to come from outside of Europe was Pope Gregory III who was the Catholic Head Honcho from AD731 to AD741 and he came from Syria.


Interestingly (well I think so) one of his first decisions after donning the Papal robes and the pointy hat was to ban the consumption of horsemeat. I can see a potential parallel here with this modern age can you, especially as Argentina is a big beef producer? Can we assume that Pope Gregory’s second decision was to continue to turn a blind eye to the buggering of choir boys and their equivalent from the 8th Century.

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