Sheep shaggers of the world, unite and take over……


According to the BBC science magazine Focus 8% of male sheep are homosexual. I have a couple of questions about that;

  1. How did they find out?
  2. Was it practical and physical research?
  3. Did they use contraception?
  4. Does this explain the majority of Welsh and Kiwi blokes?

Your theories on this are welcome!

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What’s on the the dot tv in Tuvalu tonight?

Did you know that one of the smallest countries in the world; Tuvalu make a large part of their income from selling the rights to the .tv internet address extension? They make around $4 million per year. They also make a lot from selling stamps and coins. It is a group of nine islands in the Pacific Ocean. They have recently put out a plea to neighbouring nations for fresh water; currently their only source is rain water and it hasn’t rained substantially for more than six months. New Zealand and Australia have been supplying water and equipment. Read about their terrible plight here on the BBC.

Pick up a, pick up a Penguin!

Hello people, I know that I haven’t posted here for a very long while, but that isn’t because I haven’t learnt anything, nor that I simply couldn’t bother. It was because I finally made an honest woman of by beautiful lady, Catherine. She is no longer my girlfriend, no longer my fiancée; she is now my wonderful wife!

What do you mean I need to use Lynx?

So back to the post, but staying a little related at least. Today I want to talk about penguins. Now I know that penguins are monogamous animals (how about that a kind of wedding link!), but I have never understood how they locate their life partners in amongst the vast number of penguins that gather together. (Incidentally do they gather together like that to keep warm?). Scientists now believe that they do it by smell. Apparently they also use smell when they are selecting a partner to check that they are not related. I wonder if that is why there are no penguins in Arkansas? Read more about it by clicking here.

And finally I have more penguin news, this time it’s a little sad. Do you remember the penguin that turned up in New Zealand a few months back? He was nicknamed Happy Feet after the lead character in the animated film about a dancing penguin. He was looked after for two months or so before being rehabilitated in the southern ocean on 4th September. Read about here on the Discovery channel. He had been fitted with a satellite tracking device which stopped sending signals just under two weeks later. It is believed that whilst the device may have simply stopped working the most likely occurrence is that he has been eaten. Possibly after a Killer Whale, or something like that, decided to pick up a, pick up a penguin!