To Poo or Not to Poo ….. in 12 seconds!


Apparently, according to the BBC’s science magazine Focus it takes all mammals, regardless of size just 12 seconds (plus or minus 7 seconds) to defecate/ poo/ shit/ poop/ crap/ take a dump/ deliver a brown Mr Whippy/ drop the kids off at the pool. Seriously? That cannot take into account someone who likes a good read on the bog such as myself. Five to nineteen seconds? No way I take more like five to nineteen minutes! How long do you take and do you take a book or magazine with you? Come on where is the relaxation time in less than twenty seconds?


Does Clark Kent live here?


I guess that naming a street in your town after someone famous is commonplace. But how about naming it after a fictitious character? Even worse perhaps using the fictitious character’s name as part of a pun. Well it has happened on more than one occasion with just one character¬†alone. Yes there are apparently 23 streets in America that are called Lois Lane. Do you know of any other names used in that way? I would love to hear about them if you do!